Loved: Past or Present?

Recently I started a project with a few friends called "Loved", where we were calling for submissions of items, photos and stories of people who, simply put have/had/attempted to have a romantic relationship. Our aspirations were to hopefully gain enough traction so that we can eventually turn this into a physical exhibition where we can … Continue reading Loved: Past or Present?

The truth behind why the SAF does not give you warm showers.

As I began my internship in SPRING over the past few weeks, I began to re-think and reflect upon my previous profession in the military. I worked as an OCS instructor, where my main task was to instruct and train officer cadets into competent, committed and confident officers of the Singapore Armed Forces. While the … Continue reading The truth behind why the SAF does not give you warm showers.

Aesthetic Politics.

I believed I could make blogging/ writing a more consistent habit in my daily life on top of my rituals of going to the gym and reading. But I have failed so spectacularly. Today, I try to revive this habit again. There was oneĀ painting that has been embedded in my subconscious, an image that recurs … Continue reading Aesthetic Politics.

I am.

I am a villager, thirty years of age. The unforgiving sun scorches my skin as beads of perspiration roll down my  forehead. My hands are calloused, my muscles experience excruciating pain and discomfort, as my thirst remains unsatiated. Yet, I persist in the completion of my work. I was not coerced into the building of … Continue reading I am.


This post is both a reflection of a spontaneous thought and conversations with friends and a summary of an important philosophy in my life. Pneuma is an ancient Greek word for breath. ItĀ is the form of circulating air necessary for the systemic functioning of vital organs and the material that sustains consciousness in a body. … Continue reading Pneuma

The Man Behind Our Merdeka

Growing up, I would tune into the National Day Parade on Channel 5 every year. Intently, I would observe the proceedings. The parade, the fanfare, the fireworks, that was what captivated me in my childhood. Every year, without fail, there would be a close up of Mr. Lee. He was seen to be smiling, soaking … Continue reading The Man Behind Our Merdeka