Great Singapore Sale: Buying what truly matters (ft. Adam Smith, Father of Modern Economics)

So, we are halfway through the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) in Singapore, marked by the opulent merchandise displayed at every store front. Discounts plastered across windows, promo codes sent to every email address in Singapore (with people occasional sliding into the DMS as well) We are looking to make a killing for ourselves by getting the [...]

Has Superman become the Ubermensch?

Since young, I have always been fascinated with comics, superheroes and anything out of this world because they provided me with a healthy dose of escapism and a good role model worth looking up to. (Plus who doesn't like to see explosions, people flying and running at the speed of light.) Obviously, it does not [...]

I am.

I am a villager, thirty years of age. The unforgiving sun scorches my skin as beads of perspiration roll down my  forehead. My hands are calloused, my muscles experience excruciating pain and discomfort, as my thirst remains unsatiated. Yet, I persist in the completion of my work. I was not coerced into the building of [...]