Cookin with Confucius: Learn the Confucian Way

    A non-descript weekday lunch appointment with my academic advisor.     Scott Cook is my academic advisor in Yale-NUS. He was also my Classical Chinese Professor. Yes, you read that right. An American man teaching me classical Chinese, all thanks to the beauty of globalisation. We played Basketball together as well and came … Continue reading Cookin with Confucius: Learn the Confucian Way

Beyond ‘Nil Sine Labore’

Victoria Junior College has always held a special place in my heart because the philosophy of grinding it out, working hard as reflected in the school's motto of "Nil Sine Labore" has truly left a lasting impact on me. The motto was not mere words, but they were etched into the fabric and culture of … Continue reading Beyond ‘Nil Sine Labore’

Whole Lot Knock It Down: My greatest takeaway from NS

I intended to write a piece on philosophy and its actual practical uses. I have already finished it, putting it up with a chock full of movie references and cool stuff to make it an exciting read. However, as it is NS50 day today(where we celebrate 50 years of National Service). I found it apt … Continue reading Whole Lot Knock It Down: My greatest takeaway from NS

Cutting Sugar, Trudeau-Trump, and Getting Out.

Good day, lovely world of the internet! Let's make reading blogs fun again! The Body Sugar, what is the big fuss about it? In the modern day and age, we are told that sugar is bad for our health. We should avoid sugary foods because we will get diabetes or other health complications such as … Continue reading Cutting Sugar, Trudeau-Trump, and Getting Out.

Aesthetic Politics.

I believed I could make blogging/ writing a more consistent habit in my daily life on top of my rituals of going to the gym and reading. But I have failed so spectacularly. Today, I try to revive this habit again. There was one┬ápainting that has been embedded in my subconscious, an image that recurs … Continue reading Aesthetic Politics.

I am.

I am a villager, thirty years of age. The unforgiving sun scorches my skin as beads of perspiration roll down my  forehead. My hands are calloused, my muscles experience excruciating pain and discomfort, as my thirst remains unsatiated. Yet, I persist in the completion of my work. I was not coerced into the building of … Continue reading I am.