The truth behind why the SAF does not give you warm showers.

As I began my internship in SPRING over the past few weeks, I began to re-think and reflect upon my previous profession in the military. I worked as an OCS instructor, where my main task was to instruct and train officer cadets into competent, committed and confident officers of the Singapore Armed Forces. While the [...]

Has Superman become the Ubermensch?

Since young, I have always been fascinated with comics, superheroes and anything out of this world because they provided me with a healthy dose of escapism and a good role model worth looking up to. (Plus who doesn't like to see explosions, people flying and running at the speed of light.) Obviously, it does not [...]

8 Tricks to get fit while saving money for college kids

As I was reviewing the comments and feedback, I realised that my post was underdeveloped for the most part and too long for reading. With that, I decided rather than writing in all 5 categories in each week with a shallow perspective, I will zoom in on one of the 5 categories and attempt to [...]

Dolph Ziggler, The Villain I call my Hero

Professional Wrestling. Some say it’s fake, scripted, stupid. But I remain an ardent fan of professional wrestling. Pro-wrestling is a theatre, where wrestlers are actors who temporarily transfigure into larger than life characters , crafting beautiful narratives of scripted violence. In the world of wrestling, where one indulges in it as escapism, through watching two behemoths [...]