The Discipline of High Kneeling

I told myself that I would write something and post weekly on my blog (regardless of what happened) and then this past two weeks happened. Amidst the mad rush of things, I found it increasingly difficult to actually write stuff and formalise my thoughts. My brain has been caught up in a smorgasbord of thoughts, … Continue reading The Discipline of High Kneeling

Loved: Past or Present?

Recently I started a project with a few friends called "Loved", where we were calling for submissions of items, photos and stories of people who, simply put have/had/attempted to have a romantic relationship. Our aspirations were to hopefully gain enough traction so that we can eventually turn this into a physical exhibition where we can … Continue reading Loved: Past or Present?

The truth behind why the SAF does not give you warm showers.

As I began my internship in SPRING over the past few weeks, I began to re-think and reflect upon my previous profession in the military. I worked as an OCS instructor, where my main task was to instruct and train officer cadets into competent, committed and confident officers of the Singapore Armed Forces. While the … Continue reading The truth behind why the SAF does not give you warm showers.

8 Tricks to get fit while saving money for college kids

As I was reviewing the comments and feedback, I realised that my post was underdeveloped for the most part and too long for reading. With that, I decided rather than writing in all 5 categories in each week with a shallow perspective, I will zoom in on one of the 5 categories and attempt to … Continue reading 8 Tricks to get fit while saving money for college kids

Cutting Sugar, Trudeau-Trump, and Getting Out.

Good day, lovely world of the internet! Let's make reading blogs fun again! The Body Sugar, what is the big fuss about it? In the modern day and age, we are told that sugar is bad for our health. We should avoid sugary foods because we will get diabetes or other health complications such as … Continue reading Cutting Sugar, Trudeau-Trump, and Getting Out.

Weapons of Warriors

Hey, friends. It’s Keith here. I have been taking a hiatus from blogging because: a. doing some brainbulking on my own, building my mental muscles and expanding my intellectual capacity b. training the physical body, unleashing the dormant lion in my skin. c. working (like a day job,duh!) And after a really long period of … Continue reading Weapons of Warriors