New Year Resolutions are dumb.

I used to be one of those kids, excitedly penning down my new year resolutions only to see it fail spectacularly. Then it hit me, the reason why New Year Resolutions are dumb, it's because it has always been an extrinsic motivation that does not truly uncover the reason behind why we resolve to do … Continue reading New Year Resolutions are dumb.

Porcelain Piracy: How Porcelain was stolen from China and why that’s good.

Nowadays, China gets a real bad rep. We jokingly say they produce everything in the world, and that whatever they produce are mere knockoffs, cheap products that could never rival the authentic. It's because at the heart of it, in the day and age we live in, we worship originality and believe that authenticity should … Continue reading Porcelain Piracy: How Porcelain was stolen from China and why that’s good.

Aesthetic Politics.

I believed I could make blogging/ writing a more consistent habit in my daily life on top of my rituals of going to the gym and reading. But I have failed so spectacularly. Today, I try to revive this habit again. There was one┬ápainting that has been embedded in my subconscious, an image that recurs … Continue reading Aesthetic Politics.

I am.

I am a villager, thirty years of age. The unforgiving sun scorches my skin as beads of perspiration roll down my  forehead. My hands are calloused, my muscles experience excruciating pain and discomfort, as my thirst remains unsatiated. Yet, I persist in the completion of my work. I was not coerced into the building of … Continue reading I am.

Offline: Definition of Love.

For the most part of today, I have been offline. Partly due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to break through the great firewall of China (see the pun there) , and also it is good to chuck that phone away once in a while to really live life. (Yes, this is for … Continue reading Offline: Definition of Love.