Cookin with Confucius: Learn the Confucian Way

    A non-descript weekday lunch appointment with my academic advisor.     Scott Cook is my academic advisor in Yale-NUS. He was also my Classical Chinese Professor. Yes, you read that right. An American man teaching me classical Chinese, all thanks to the beauty of globalisation. We played Basketball together as well and came … Continue reading Cookin with Confucius: Learn the Confucian Way

The College Student’s Guide to Productivity

Lunchbreak. A few weeks ago, I had literally the most productive lunch break ever by going to a workshop on productivity. (irony) I found the workshop tremendously useful in helping me optimise my time and organise my life better. So I thought sharing it here would be very beneficial to anyone who is reading. Common … Continue reading The College Student’s Guide to Productivity

The Discipline of High Kneeling

I told myself that I would write something and post weekly on my blog (regardless of what happened) and then this past two weeks happened. Amidst the mad rush of things, I found it increasingly difficult to actually write stuff and formalise my thoughts. My brain has been caught up in a smorgasbord of thoughts, … Continue reading The Discipline of High Kneeling

Beyond ‘Nil Sine Labore’

Victoria Junior College has always held a special place in my heart because the philosophy of grinding it out, working hard as reflected in the school's motto of "Nil Sine Labore" has truly left a lasting impact on me. The motto was not mere words, but they were etched into the fabric and culture of … Continue reading Beyond ‘Nil Sine Labore’

Loved: Past or Present?

Recently I started a project with a few friends called "Loved", where we were calling for submissions of items, photos and stories of people who, simply put have/had/attempted to have a romantic relationship. Our aspirations were to hopefully gain enough traction so that we can eventually turn this into a physical exhibition where we can … Continue reading Loved: Past or Present?

Great Singapore Sale: Buying what truly matters (ft. Adam Smith, Father of Modern Economics)

So, we are halfway through the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) in Singapore, marked by the opulent merchandise¬†displayed at every store front. Discounts plastered across windows, promo codes sent to every email address in Singapore (with people occasional sliding into the DMS as well) We are looking to make a killing for ourselves by getting the … Continue reading Great Singapore Sale: Buying what truly matters (ft. Adam Smith, Father of Modern Economics)