Weapons of Warriors

Hey, friends. It’s Keith here. I have been taking a hiatus from blogging because:

a. doing some brainbulking on my own, building my mental muscles and expanding my intellectual capacity

b. training the physical body, unleashing the dormant lion in my skin.

c. working (like a day job,duh!)

And after a really long period of contemplation, I have decided to revive this blog again, not just to pen down some of my reflections (which I have been doing already in my trusty notebook) but also provide some insights on what I have found to be beneficial to me and share it with you all.

First, I must go into the why. Why am I doing this again? Well, in the past I used blogging to satisfy my ego, a means to affirm myself that I am not intellectually inferior to my high-flying peers in Yale-NUS.  But throughout the course of my 2nd semester as I read books from Nietzsche while observing Da Vinci’s uniquely symmetrical and breath-taking “The Vitruvian Man”, I was confronted with a question: “What does it mean for me to be a man?” 

Through my reflections and necessary metamorphosis, this quote from “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” struck a chord in my heart and resonated with me.

Image result for one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star

In our daily lives, most of us (or at least me) have this impulsive need to be happy, to have control over our lives, so we simplify our world, lulling ourselves into a false binary perspective. Thus, anything that does not park itself in this reality is disruptive and therefore, condemned.

With the villainization of chaos, we avoid additional adversity because it brings us discomfort and pain. But Nietzsche himself portends that it is true we must embrace and internalise the travails that will be set on our path. Only when we do this, we transcend simple mediocrity and fly (like the Ubermensch) towards greatness.

Image result for ubermensch
Yes Uber got their name from Nietzsche

Therefore, I decided to once again take up blogging. Because I need to attempt uncomfortable things, things that challenge me so that I can strive to accomplish. Hopefully, I would overcome the mediocrity my complacency has cost me and become the dancing star I strive to be.


Hence, I would entitle the series of blogs that I would embark on as “Weapons of Warriors”. This will be a weekly series, happening usually on Fridays, where I will write my research, ponderings and thoughts on the essential weapons of a warrior (If you are a lady, reading this:  This can be totally applicable to you too. However, I am a man, so some of my experiences would be more relevant to the gentlemen reading this.

The Body

To be a warrior, one must first look and feel like a warrior. I will write on nutrition, health, and fitness. In this section, I share with you guys some of the workouts I am doing, the food/recipes I am doing.  On my own, I am limited in my experience so I will share with you tips and tricks I have learnt from the resources of the internet, friends and some good old science.

Image result for spartan warrior
Leonidas, the Warrior King

The Mind

The warrior’s mind must be as sharp as the sword he wields. This is where we go back to brain bulking, where I wish to share books/articles I have found to be extremely thought-provoking and some of my concluding thoughts that might help to expand our mind together.

Image result for charles xavier using mind
Because,muscles isn’t everything, the mind is way more potent.

The Tools

A warrior is always equipped. As Neil Gershenfeld once said, “Give ordinary people the right tools, they will design and build the most extraordinary things.” In this segment, I share about some of the applications/purchases and products that I use which has really served me well. These are some tools that help me get #lifehacking right.

Image result for armour iron man
Gadgets never run out of style.

The Spectacle

A warrior can never fight forever, he requires reprieve. Yet, he does not engage in idle things mindlessly. In this section, I will share with you all, music/films or even videos that I have enjoyed in the week.

Image result for vertigo alfred hitchcock
Vertigo, a timeless classic by Alfred Hitchcock (You are welcome)

Also, to get a better understanding of why Hitchcock is a master filmmaking, watch this. 

The Logos

A warrior’s tongue must be as refined as his craft. Logos is the Greek term for the principle of order and knowledge as made famous by Heraclitus. Thus, in this section, I share a quote or soundbite that we all can take the time to dissect and edify ourselves.


Image result for trump
Somethings are better left unsaid


I hope that this form of revamped structure will indeed bless your heart and bulk your brain, unleashing your inner warrior and equipping you with the weapons necessary for you to thrive.

Last but not least, 

Burn fat.jpg

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